What sustainability mean to us
Our commitment to 'pursuing the perfect trip for a better world'
helps focus our efforts on improving the communities and lives of the people we serve,
and is why we are committed to being a more responsible, sustainable industry leader.
Our sustainability vision covers all corners of the travel industry,
focusing on sustainable travel, workplace and operation.
Sustainability at Trip.com Group
Susatinable Travel
Sustainable travel focuses on valuing our world and developing practices that look after our environment and sustains tourism, minimising and neutralising harm to the natural environment.
We aim to lead by example. By improving our products and expanding new partnerships, our brands continue to make sustainable travel easier for our millions of users worldwide.
Sustainable Workplace
We understand that small actions add up to collective impact.
We adopt a sustainable workplace to engage our employees to safeguard their health, safety, and welfare.
The wide-reaching benefits go beyond our business and individual employees to truly protect the environment and drive a positive impact of sustainable behaviour.
Sustainable operations
We help create a better future for everyone by minimising the impact of our business operations, transforming business practices, and meeting industry best practices across each market we operate.
Ensuring our operations suitability is essential to our overall sustainability strategy and helps consume less energy, use fewer resources, and produce less waste. Our talented employees help drive our suitability values forward through an inclusive work culture that supports our employee's well-being and rewards and recognises their talent.