Susatinable Travel
Sustainable travel focuses on valuing our world
and developing practices that look after our environment and sustains tourism,
minimising and neutralising harm to the natural environment.
We aim to lead by example. By improving our products and expanding new partnerships,
our brands continue to make sustainable travel easier for our millions of users worldwide.
Empowering Sustainable Travel
We understand our consumers want the best for the world they love to travel. Offering our consumers products that identify their impact helps protect the communities, people and places worldwide.
Trip.com and Skyscanner partner with CHOOOSE to provide travellers with greener choices, deliver measurable benefits to the planet, and develop sustainable communities. We continue collaborating with our partners to offer green travel choices, support sustainable tourism development and pursue a sustainable future.
Inspiring Sustainable Travel
We promote sustainable products, destinations, and greener options through carefully crafted travel guides and blogs dedicated to educating and improving consumer awareness of sustainable travel. We are a vital partner with WWF's Sustainable Travel Alliance to educate about wildlife protection, food waste, and reducing plastic pollution.